Instant Noodle Processing Machines: An Overview

Fried instant noodles making machine

Fried instant noodles have fast drying speed (about 90 seconds), high degree of gelatinization, and the porous structure of the noodles, so they have good rehydration properties, are more convenient, and have a good taste. However, because it uses oil, it is prone to rancidity, the taste and taste are reduced, and the cost is high.

The main feature of fried instant noodles is that when the steamed noodle pieces are fried in a high-temperature (140~160°C) oil tank, the water inside them vaporizes quickly and generates a certain amount of pressure, which causes a large number of tiny cavities to form inside the noodles, increasing the thickness of the noodles. Due to the gelatinization degree of starch, the dehydrated noodles have a porous structure and the rehydration time is short. They can be eaten after 3 to 4 minutes of brewing with boiling water.

Hot air dried instant noodles making machine

Hot air drying instant noodles dehydrates and dries the steamed noodles at 70℃-90℃, so it is not prone to oxidation and rancidity, has a long shelf life and is low in cost. However, due to its low drying temperature, long time, and low gelatinization degree, the rehydration time is longer.

Bagged and cupped instant noodle making machine

Both types of the instant noodles are made by similar processes of steaming precooking and deep frying or hot-air-drying dehydration.  Bags are low cost and easy to store and transport. Bowls and cups are more convenient, and these products generally come with more than two packs of soup ingredients, which are rich in nutrients.

Seasoning sachets and forks dispenser

Seasoning sachets ,  with flavor of braised beef, braised pork ribs, sea foods, etc can be placed in the noodle bags/cups by hands or by the automatic instant noodle machine assembly (sachets dispenser).  Unpacked seasoning powder can also be added in noodle cups automatically by machine. 

Development trend of instant noodle processing machines